Long live the taste!

Bonverre by Suite includes sweet and savory recipes created inside a glass jar, signed by expert professionals of the authentic Italian taste.

2017 - Soon new savory products!

Long Live the Taste! - Bonverre is the new way of interpreting and preserving the authentic taste. Through a constant research and refined preparation techniques, obtained with the collaboration with professional chefs and pastry chefs, we create recipes which enhance the flavors and the organoleptic properties of the raw material. Inside the glass, they acquire more value and can be preserved longer.

Research and Selection
We research and select high quality, unique ingredients, with a strong story and a deep connection with the territory. We are constantly supported by experts, in order to increase our knowledge of the terroir and the chemical-physic characteristics of the raw materials, so that we can fully understand them and communicate their story and culture.

Enhancement of Taste throughout Time
The sweet and savory products are preserved in glass, using vasocottura, desiccation, extraction and other techniques which maintain them longer, respecting their characteristics, keeping their nutritional properties and without altering flavors and aromas.

Healthy and Natural
The preservation inside glass, the attention in every stage of the preparation and the choice of techniques that reinterpret the classics of the Italian cuisine, allow us to obtain a healthy result, which does not need any preservatives, sugar substitutes and other artificial additives. Always maintaining and enhancing every flavour and preferring organic and gluten free ingredients.

Special Recipes and Pairings
Bonverre products are created in collaboration with expert and renowned chefs, pastry chefs and professionals of food, who offer their experience and creativity to Bonverre. The products and recipes which they sign, are the interpretation of traditional dishes or innovative ideas, designed to make the most of the preservation in glass.

Ethic and Sustainable
Sustainability is a key value for Bonverre: the glass containers are always chosen with the aim to use a material that can be reused, helping the protection of the environment and giving a further guarantee of an ethic production.